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About Us

Vibe Hair Extension- we want to be YOUR Hair Store -

Vibe Hair has been around since 2013! I am a hairstylist from Little Rock Arkansas with a serious passion for doing hair. My  hair selling journey started with my customers bringing in bad hair to get their installs. I’m a perfectionist who didn’t want my installs to look bad so I invested money in several companies til I found one I really liked, then I started selling hair to my clients. From that point, word of mouth worked in my favor. Quality over quantity is something I believe in. When you have a product that is good and there is a need for, it will sell itself.

Our Mission- We believe in quality-

Our mission is to serve our customers with quality hair that makes them look and feel good! We strive to make our customers feel they have invested in extensions that will last install after install. Satisfaction is our number one goal!